5 common mistakes you’re problably making with your class (by my students)


It`s said that being teacher isn’t always easy. However they don´t change their bad habits that make student feel mad. Here we have the worst habits:

  • Smell like an ashtray: if you smoke it doesn’t bother you, but if you aren’t a  smoker you don´t want that awful smell.
  • Talk to you like if you were two: they enjoy telling you how you have to study or do your homework like if you were in primary school.
  • Speak about other subject that aren’t about the class: some teacher are the habits of go off on a tangent every time, like our teacher, who started about kelps and ended up talking about airports.
  • Have the ability to full a day in five minutes: some teachers believe that student has only their subjects, but it´s not the worst thing, because the can´t correct them.
  • Perfectionism: some teacher want the student to write all the book in the exam, and this is impossible.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about the idea of becoming a teacher, be careful, because always there are student judging your acts every time.


Image Source:educationdissected


Learning English and Spanish with The Rodriguez

Recently I’ve discovered a cool blog form a family called “The Rodríguez” or as we say in Spain “Los Rodríguez” Every post is written in English and Spanish so you can learn tons of useful real vocabulary or have your students doing so.Besides, their stories are really funny and entertaining

You really have to check this out: Los Rodríguez Life

Hace poco he descubierto un blog genial de una famila llamada “Los Rodríguez” Cada una de las entradas está escrita en Español e Inglés, por lo que puedes aprender cantidad de vocabulario útil o hacer que tus alumnos lo aprenda.Además sus historias son de lo mas curiosas y divertidas.

No te lo pierdas: Los Rodríguez Life

A good tool to help students with their vocabulary

Students often struggle with the memorization of new words. It’s useful to keep a record of this new words in small cards that they keep with them. But recently I have discovered Quizlet, a powerful on-line tool to create a collection of cards and keep track of them easily. Also there is huge number of pre-made cards to use freely.



Great blog to learn English and Spanish

I’ve been following this blog for more than a year and I find it really handy. What can you find there? Well virtually everything about teaching English, from useful language tips to free lessons and advice for your career as a teacher. Although most of the information is in Spanish.

If you are interested in a awesome blog about English in Spanish you shouldn’t miss this one.