5 common mistakes you’re problably making with your class (by my students)


It`s said that being teacher isn’t always easy. However they don´t change their bad habits that make student feel mad. Here we have the worst habits:

  • Smell like an ashtray: if you smoke it doesn’t bother you, but if you aren’t a  smoker you don´t want that awful smell.
  • Talk to you like if you were two: they enjoy telling you how you have to study or do your homework like if you were in primary school.
  • Speak about other subject that aren’t about the class: some teacher are the habits of go off on a tangent every time, like our teacher, who started about kelps and ended up talking about airports.
  • Have the ability to full a day in five minutes: some teachers believe that student has only their subjects, but it´s not the worst thing, because the can´t correct them.
  • Perfectionism: some teacher want the student to write all the book in the exam, and this is impossible.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about the idea of becoming a teacher, be careful, because always there are student judging your acts every time.


Image Source:educationdissected