Excellent online grammar exercises

One of the biggest drawback when it come to on-line exercises is that most of them use a multiple choice option task. In this case I’ve found an excellent collection of grammar games on the British Council’s web page which don’t use this multiple choice task – And I found them more attractive for the students.



A good tool to help students with their vocabulary

Students often struggle with the memorization of new words. It’s useful to keep a record of this new words in small cards that they keep with them. But recently I have discovered Quizlet, a powerful on-line tool to create a collection of cards and keep track of them easily. Also there is huge number of pre-made cards to use freely.



Great blog to learn English and Spanish

I’ve been following this blog for more than a year and I find it really handy. What can you find there? Well virtually everything about teaching English, from useful language tips to free lessons and advice for your career as a teacher. Although most of the information is in Spanish.

If you are interested in a awesome blog about English in Spanish you shouldn’t miss this one.


Printable week schedule to work with verb tenses

Hi there,

In this post I bring a pretty straightforward activity.  But I find it a useful one when it comes to teach the differences among present and past tenses. It combines, both individual work with group discussion activities.

Download the Week Tenses Worksheet

Source: google.es via AMPA on Pinterest

I hope that you enjoy it!

Printable images to work with feelings and emotions

Looking for a versatile material to work with emotions in your class?

By thunder, you should try this document! It’s a collection of thirteen images showing different feelings and emotions. I use them to make the students talk about emotions, to associate them with vocabulary or just to play with them as cards.

Download the feeling and emotions sheet.

Source: google.es via AMPA on Pinterest

Enjoy them!

Mr. Ottis